Sakura Of Tokyo Of West Covina - Sakura of Tokyo Restaurant Poor Customer Service, Hostile, Unfair, Terrible communication

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My husband and I had lunch at this restaurant. We were the first customers of the day. I ordered tempura with 8 piece California Roll. When I tried to eat the California rolls, it tasted strange.

I thought maybe my palette was off, so I ate other parts of my meal - rice and tempura. Again, I attempted to take a *** out of the California roll. The taste of the California roll was just absolutely disgusting, I believe the mayonaise or the artificial crab was spoiled.

Our waitress came by, and I told her my concern. I expressed that the California roll did not taste fresh, in fact it tasted spoiled. She apologized and said if she could bring something out in place of the California rolls (which still had 6 1/2 pieces still). I agreed to the salmon skin rolls. She took my California rolls back to the kitchen and placed my salmon skin roll order. After a few minutes, I was brought back salmon skin rolls in place of my California roll.

When I paid my bill, I was questioning why it was so high. I discussed it with Mimi, the person in charge - and she indicated I ordered the salmon skin rolls. I told her that I didnt eat my California rolls, because it was awful tasting (spoiled). I explained the waitress offered to replace it with something else of my choice.

She argued that all orders are fresh and I ordered what I ordered - case closed. I expressed this was not fair. Mimi continued to be hostile, rude, and turn away. My husband tried to explain what was going on, but she did not want to hear any of it and ignored us both. I did not want to be confrontational or cause a scene, so we left vowing never to return.

I dont ever recommend anyone eating at this restaurant because if you dont like it, too bad - you paid for it (even if it is spoiled). Which prompts me to file a complaint with the health department regarding the food safety.

Sakura of Tokyo West Covina, California (533 S. Glendora) has the absolute worst customer service I have ever encountered. Mimi was hostile and rude. The food you may be ordering can be spoiled, and if it is - you will still be charged for it...even if you choose not to eat it and the waitress claims to replace it.

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